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Here in Italy the night of August 10th is known as “la notte di San Lorenzo”. On this night, you turn your eyes to the sky and look for shooting stars. Have your wishes ready and make one when you are so lucky to spot a streak of light. When I was a kid I loved getting lost in the night sky. I still find it incredibly inspiring and crazy wonderful and scary to think that we are a tiny part of a massive universe, and that there are things so much infinitely bigger and more ancient and mysterious than us out there.

Lately I don’t always remember this appointment, and the shooting stars’ peak has actually moved towards the 12th-13th August, but when I see the date drawing closer on the calendar, I start seeing stars everywhere and my head spins with ideas!

I wanted so badly to take some star-related pictures, and I think I went through three or four different ideas before settling on this one. Honestly, I can’t remember when or how it popped to my mind, I just remember getting all the props ready, like I had always known what I was going to do. My brain is weird and sometimes works wonders by its own (thank God), especially when short on time and supplies because I was starting to feel very discouraged (I was planning a shoot with real people but the timing didn’t work).

The idea is quite simple. I had some jewellery that I felt could go with the “starry” theme (the star-in-the-hoop earrings are my all time favourites and a gift from when I was in primary school), I borrowed a few models from fashion magazines and made something like a 3D collage with sequins, shiny cardboard stars and tiny gold ones and a couple of my scribbles.

I still have a ton of ideas around stars, but you gotta start somewhere, don’t you, and I think this is a pretty good first attempt :) Do you have any star-related jewellery? I am on the lookout for some tiny star earring studs and a necklace. Oh, I want something with the moon, too.

Enjoy and keep your eyes to the sky!
Xo Ines

inesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyes

Quando si avvicina la notte di San Lorenzo cominciano sempre a girarmi in testa un sacco di idee che hanno a che fare con le stelle.. Avrei voluto fare delle foto con persone vere ma tempi e disponibilità non lo permettevano (e non ho familiarità con l’autoscatto), perciò ho reclutato modelle sconosciute dalle pagine di riviste di moda (vedi alla voce “l’arte di arrangiarsi”) per indossare orecchini e braccialetti che in qualche modo mi sembravano rientrare nel tema.

Qualche decina di paillettes, stelline e scatti più tardi.. Sono usciti delle specie di “collage 3D” e il risultato finale non mi dispiace affatto :) Sarete anche voi con il naso all’insù la notte di San Lorenzo (o meglio, il 12 e 13 Agosto) a caccia di stelle cadenti? Io i desideri pronti ce li ho..

Have a Magical, Starry Summer!
Xo Ines

inesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyesinesness | Stars In Their Eyes



Blue Monday


Today is Blue Monday, which is supposedly “the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere”. Well, I’m sorry for you, dear pseudoscientists, but today is a beautiful sunny day here in Italy and, besides, when I hear “Blue Monday”, all it comes to my mind is a day of celebration of all things BLUE (which was, by the way, my favourite colour before Pink came along). So, without further ado, here is some blue inspiration for you! Enjoy, Xo Ines


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