7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE!

Hey everyone! How’s the New Year going? I hope yours is rocking so far!

Are you sticking to those Resolutions? Keeping up with birthdays, anniversaries and dentist’s appointments? Ticking off daily To Dos?

I know that if I don’t write all this stuff down I am sure to 1. forget it 2. suddenly remember days later 3. sheepishly send belated birthday greetings or reschedule appointments.

SO! This should be another Resolution, to be more organized in 2016, write stuff down and actually LOOK back at that calendar, To Do List, ecc. If you’re on the same boat, today is as good as any other day to start getting.stuff.done! You may find some of the printables below very helpful (it doesn’t hurt that they’re impeccably designed too).

7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness

First up, a New Year’s Resolutions cheat sheet by A Fabulous Fete for Oh So Beautiful Paper. Short and sweet, fill it in and put in a small frame on your desk, tape it to the wall or on the inside cover of your journal.

7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness

Creativity is quite messy indeed – the good kind! Still, sometimes it can be too much. That’s why Jake and Jamie of A Pair Of Pears have designed this weekly list to jot down your house cleaning routine. Or, if you are a messy maker to the core, it’s also great for planning your crafts and projects (get supplies, photoshoot, etc).

7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness

These three beautiful printables are by Nat of Papel & Co, a super cute design and calligraphy studio. She also has a lovely Instagram, if you’re into pink and pretty hand lettering!

7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness

You guys, this has seriously changed my life. Up until now, I had never realized you can basically make anything into a sticker simply by printing it on self adhesive paper. Such a Duh! moment. That’s exactly how these stickers work. Stephanie of Make and Tell designed the hand lettered ones above for Craftsposure and here you can download a more colorful set (succulents! donuts! pencils! flamingos!).

7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness

Love the font on this Things To Do List by Maria Harmuth! I think it would be perfect in A5 size or even smaller.

Last but not least, I’ve found 2 calendars for you. The first one is by graphic designer, hand letterer, art director and overall awesome creative Cocorrina, the second one is a favourite of mine for its clean and sleek design. I present you the Get Shit Done Calendar by Love Aesthetics which you can download in two versions, my favourite here and the second one here.7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesness7 Free Printables To GET.STUFF.DONE! | inesnessMore and more cool printables keep popping up every day all around the web, and since I cannot post every single one of them here (although I’d love to), I invite you to have a look at my Freebies Pinterest Board, you’ll find even more calendars and other printables of all kinds (desktop and phone wallpapers, greeting cards, posters, wrapping paper..).

All printables created by their respective authors, while starry, grid and squiggly backgrounds are by yours truly.


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