Sfondi per tutti!! E calendari! E inspirational quotes! In poche parole, questo è quello che ho scritto profusamente in inglese qui sotto. Mi sono divertita a pasticciare con carta, forbici e pennelli per creare dei “freebies” da scaricare gratuitamente (trovate i link in fondo al post).

La pagina del calendario di novembre ha dello spazio bianco da personalizzare come meglio la vostra fantasia vi suggerisce. Usatelo per annotare compleanni, scadenze o altre date importanti, incollate una foto con del washi tape, scarabocchiate a mano libera come più vi piace oppure create una mini moodboard che vi ispiri durante il mese. Io ho scelto il collage, e il risultato mi è piaciuto tanto che l’ho trasformato in uno sfondo per pc e cellulare. Perdonate la mia inettitudine con Photoshop & Co., ci sto ancora prendendo la mano.. Ma ehi, “Done Is Better Than Perfect”, è il mio nuovo motto. Vuol dire “non rincorrere la perfezione a tutti i costi, fai quello che devi fare e.. buttati! Se anche non sarà il tuo miglior lavoro, con l’esperienza – anche sbagliando – si impara!” Buon novembre a tutti (praticamente è già Natale, no?) Xo Ines

Here’s a little November treat for you all. It’s a bundle of many things I love and have always wanted to try my hand at making: calendars, printables, brush calligraphy, desktop and phone wallpapers, pastels + my favourite pale pink colour (you will see it pop up A LOT in my works), paper collage, etc.

It all started from the downloadable calendar (here the current month, but I’m thinking of making a whole calendar for 2016), which was inspired by DesignLoveFest moodboard calendar: each month has blank space at the top of the page for you to customise.

Write down To Do’s and birthdays, important tasks or goals; stick a picture up with washi tape; use it to doodle while you’re on the phone; create a mini moodboard tearing pictures from magazines or printing them from the Internet; leave it as it is for a minimal, no-fuss calendar.. It’s totally up to you!

NOVEMBER FREEBIES | InesnessYou could also get crafty and create a collage, which is what I did. It’s kind of a Lotta Jansdotter meets Matisse meets Marimekko (it definitely has a Scandinavian influence) meets this picture meets Ines Provana (that’s me). I wanted to keep with the autumn theme, hence the leaves. I tore solid backgrounds from old fashion magazines, starting with the pale pink shapes (duh!), then I used the teal and a darker shade too – we are going towards winter after all. Throw in a little black, which is my go-to pairing with pink, instantly making it less girly, and ta-da!

inesness free desktop and phone wallpaperI scanned everything and liked the pattern so much I decided to turn it into free downloadable wallpapers (links at the end of the post). Please bear with my non-existent Photoshop skills, which result in the wallpapers being the actual scans, no post-editing (I might do it later.. I wouldn’t mind turning this into a fabric or gift-wrapping pattern). This means you can easily see the print lines and rough cut edges of the paper shapes but hey, “Done Is Better Than Perfect” – this is my new motto. Which I turned into another desktop wallpaper and printable – I’m on a roll this week!Done Is Better Than Perfect DESKTOP WALLPAPER and PRINTABLE | InesnessSo, without further ado, here are all the links to your free goodies, hope you like them and will use them to brighten up your desks, walls, phone and desktop screens – that would make me so so happy!

Lots of love and Happy November (c’mon, it’s basically Christmas),



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