Mother’s Day | NATURE

Mother's Day 02 Mother’s Day is coming up! Inspired by other bloggers who are encouraging their readers to be more mindful and give truly meaningful presents (see for example Love Aesthetic’s minimalist Gift Guide) I put together some suggestions for simple, thoughtful, hand-and-heart-made gifts for your awesome mom on this Mother’s Day. First up, are some gifts related to NATURE. Pretty traditional – but pretty nonetheless, are flowers. Gift your mom a bunch of nicely wrapped fresh flowers (need inspiration? check out this DIY Bouquet Wrap) or a small plant in a brand new vase (double gift!). How about some flower seeds for your mother to grow? Checking on the little guys’ progress will also give you an excuse to go visit your mom (or grandma) more often. Mother's Day 03 Here I made some seed pockets from blank greeting cards. Easy peasy: cut off one side of the card and fold it in half, then tape shut the three open sides and pour the seeds in. Fold and close the opening with stickers or washi tape, then write the name of the flower seeds on a label. Mother's Day 3 Next up, is TEA and HERBAL INFUSIONS (this could also work with coffee, cocoa.. you name it, as long as it can be stored in a glass bottle). I used apothecary bottles with cork lids and made tags with air dry clay. I used it a lot when I was little, and I am falling in love with it again: I love its matte texture and I like it unpainted too, it has a very natural feel. Plus, you can write on it and it won’t smudge. Mother's Day 05 If you got your mom something extra-special, here’s a super quick way to wrap it: get some kraft paper and tear pages from a magazine with nice patterns or pictures. I got mine from a gardening magazine, to stick with the “natural” theme. Wrap it around the kraft paper (you don’t even need it to go all the way), secure with some tape, add a bow, and voilà! Mother's Day 07 Here are some other ideas to spend the day with your mom..

GO FOR A WALK | It’s good for your health and it will give you the chance to chit-chat with her (walking clears your mind too, it’s true!)

HAVE A GARDENING SESSION | Help your mom plant the seeds you gave her, or give her a hand spring-cleaning the garden or the flowers and plants in the house.

MAKE A FLORAL WALL | Gather flowers and foliage and stick them to a wall with washi tape (inspiration herehere and here). It’s one of the easiest, quickest and most impressive displays.

I hope you’ve found something you would like to try for this Mother’s Day.

Happy crafting!
Xo Inesness

Mother's Day 08


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